Monday, February 2, 2015

Happy Groundhog Day!

Punxatawny Phil made his prediction this morning -- it looks like there will be another six weeks of winter. But like any seasoned weather forecaster, he could be wrong. Or right.

Here in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire it is snowing again. Hard to say if there are shadows in a snowstorm. Even harder to say if you're only willing to stand at the threshold of the door.

A Stitcher's Wardrobe:

So here we go, an outfit a day until you've seen it all. 

This is the horse dress. I sewed it last year, but found I was not wearing it. (See it on the sidebar, under Fannie Fouche?) There was something about the color or the print -- I wanted it mellower. I overdyed it pale green/brown, and the results were so sad it looked like a prison dress, or a dress to wear while gardening with my imaginary sister-wives. 

I overdyed it again. Less sad this time, more sophisticated. Sophisticated is not my bag, so I sewed a horse on it. The scarf is from earlier in the year, yarn dyed by me, worked on my knitting machine, and with crocheted felt ball trim.

Enjoy your day!


Mary Lou said...

You are such a funny woman - I'll garden with you. And put a horse on it is better than put a bird on it!

cal said...

these are great words to live by: "Sophisticated is not my bag, so I sewed a horse on it." you're the best!