Tuesday, October 30, 2012


We are well prepared for storms.  Our freezer is full, our generators are ready, the bathtub has water for flushing, and the woodbox is stuffed.  We have a dune buggy, two chainsaws, snowmobiles, and a row boat.  And enough wool to clothe the entire neighborhood, including the animals.

Sandy has passed for the most part, and we have very little impact here.  Some branches down, interruptions in power, and school canceled for two days.

This arrived Saturday, a mound of extrafine merino discovered by Mary Lou on a dig in her closet.  It's like buttah. Still not convinced it came from a sheep.  Thank you Mary Lou.

Have you seen wearwithall?  It's a sweet collection of well designed and clearly written patterns, the kind of knitting to bring along on a trip or on your daily travels, elegant and classic essentials.  It's written by Mary Lou Egan, Theresa Gaffey, Scott Rohr, Shelley Sheehan, and Sarah K. Walker, and photographed by Gale Zucker.

So I'm going to crank up the woodstove and put the dyepot on.  Not sure what color this will be, but it's sure to be good.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Rhinebeck 2012


For me, Rhinebeck is all about the people.  And the animals.  Mary Jane, Jani, Norah and I stayed in Kingston NY, a town I would love to revisit with more time, to explore the lovely downtown area.  I think the whole Hudson River area is worth a long visit.

The barns filled with animals were great fun.  I was tempted to sign up for a trim myself.

There were parades of llamas (or are they alpacas?) and parades of knitwear.  The people watching was second to none.

Rhinebeck has a bustling but casual atmosphere, with sunny skies and even sunnier people. 

Sonya Philip is even more fun than she appears

It's hard to sum up the experience, and tough to do the trip justice with words. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Interweave Knitting Lab

Last week I attended Interweave Knitting Lab.  I played the role of model (yes, I am a model), assistant, wrangler, handler, mule, gopher, tax accountant, time-keeper and comfort pet.  And it was a blast.  Playing a secondary role is way more fun than I expected, as the expectations are achievable:  writing a lesson plan, composing hand-outs, assembling goodies, and playing the part of engaging teacher are all way more difficult than schlepping boxes, getting coffee, and striking a pose.

And I had the opportunity, no, privilege of meeting a slew of good folks I have long admired.

Barbara Walker, my new BFF.
(don't be fooled, I gushed upon meeting her,
then went into convulsing fits of happiness)

Thank you kindly to Mary Jane Mucklestone and Gale Zucker for having me along in your classes and otherwise.   You are grand folks that I enjoy immensely.