Monday, August 27, 2012

I am Blowing my Cover

Slipcovering is a really valuable skill.  When I tell someone I know how to slipcover, they immediately follow with a list of furniture in their home that could use a good cover, and when can I start?  I tend to keep it a secret because I don't want to accidentally start a full time business.   

Dressmakers draft custom fit dress "muslins" that can be modified and sewn up many ways.  If you have experience following a sewing pattern, creating a custom slipcover pattern is a good next step. On September 7, please join me at Fiber College for Slipcover Making for a Small Chair.  Learn to make a muslin/pattern for your dining room chairs, folding chairs, even those white plastic outdoor chairs. Design a pattern that can be used again and again, and bring new life to your old chairs. 

This nappy spot is covered in inexpensive denim and is very durable.
It lives in my teenaged boys' bedroom.

This slipcover is made from a bedspread.

There is a tattered chair under here, broken in just right.

 Counting the days, please consider joining in the fun!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Drop in and Dye

Dyeing fiber can be super casual or super duper scientific.  One can spill Kool-aid on their shirt with wonderful results, or one can earn a Master of Science in Textile Chemistry, also with wonderful results.  The Kool-aid is relatively less expensive.

On the weekend of September 8 & 9, please join me at Fiber College for a super casual version of dyeing.   Here's how it'll go down:  Show up at the Drop in and Dye Tent during the Shopper's Boulevard hours (Sat 10:00 - 5:30, Sun 10:00 - 3:00), and bring with you a 'don't be scared' attitude and maybe some unloved natural fiber stash from home.  I'll have various yarns for sale if you already love your stash as-is. 

There will be two types of dyes available for sale in sample size portions: 'MX Reactive' dyes for plant fibers (cotton, linen, bamboo, hemp, rayon) and 'WashFast Acid' dyes for animal fibers (wool, silk, dog, angora, cashmere, llama).  There will be a simple set up and easy to follow directions so you can get your feet wet, so to speak.  And I'll be there to answer questions and cheer you on.

In the spectrum of Kool-aid Spiller to Master of Science in Textile Chemistry, my expertise leans a little to the Kool-aid end.  So there is no need to be intimidated, and also no need to ask the molecular weight of propanetricarboxylic acid because I will not have the answer (actually, it's 192.12, but I had to look it up, and I'm still probably wrong).  All dyes and dye assists will be in liquid form for ease and safety.

Stay tuned, I'll also be teaching a class on how to create a custom pattern for a simple slipcover on September 7.  I went through an extensive slipcovering phase, something I have not shared here, but I will soon!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Boss

One item on my husband's bucket list.  Check.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Summertime Weekending

Just a few recent snapshots from my summer - I like to look back at summery photos in March and April, when the snow is black and the weather is raw.

We spent a weekend at a friend's place on Maranacook Lake in Readfield, Maine.  I had cocktail knitting with me: you know, where one can knit along without thinking.  I need to always have cocktail knitting available, not because I'm always drinking, just because I'm not always thinking.

We visited my Brother-in-Law Matt yesterday at a herding competition. These are his big girls, the girls that grow the wool that makes the yarn that gets dyed and knit up into the sweaters like the one above.

They call him 'Mm-AA-AA-aatt'. He does not answer.
 Have you ever dyed yarn?  I think sometimes that the science of dyeing can be intimidating, and might scare off a few folks.  Don't be scared, come give it a whirl at Fiber College.  I'll be available on Saturday and Sunday with dyepots ready, and it will be as simple as 'swish it in here, swirl it in there, wait a little spell, rinse it out, hooray!' 

 I'm no scientist, but I ain't scared of dyeing.

In other news, the drought seems to be easing up here.  Our mud crop is in full bloom.

I hope your summer is dirty fun as well.