Monday, March 28, 2011


At what point does Smartfood Popcorn become not-so-smart?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ten More Things

  1. I like to wear stretchy pants.
  2. I have a huge stack of men's Fruit of the Loom tank tops, dyed every color imaginable.  I wear one every day.  They keep out the breezes.
  3. I sit with my legs pretzeled up under me.
  4. Years ago my niece accidentally left her Gameboy at my house.  I played tetris so much I had to replace her batteries twice before returning it (reluctantly).  My husband bought me my own Gameboy for Christmas that year.  I played so much, when I went to bed at night I could see little puzzle pieces dropping.  And then I stopped.  I was embarrassed at how high my score was.
  5. My dog knows what d-o-g spells. 
  6. I wore size 5 1/2 shoes to my wedding.  Today I wear 7s.
  7. I was 23 when I got married.
  8. My favorite shoes are a pair of purple Justin Ropers, size 6 1/2.  They run big.
  9. Here I am wearing my latest design, Eileen Mary.  Recognize me?  Several test knitters have volunteered to shake down my pattern.  How nice is that?  This pattern has attractive armpits.  In Scotland the armpit is called the oxter.  How do I know?  Because my friend Jeni from Scotland told me so, and that's the wonder of the internet.  Jeni and MJ slept at my house on Sunday.  That's the wonder of the internet.
  10. I am nearing the one year mark for this web log.  It has been one of the best years ever for me.  I have met extraordinary people.  My people. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Kind of Spa

Recently I went to Spa, Knit and Spin, New England Textile Arts' version of Woodstock.  The purpose of "Spa" is to commune with like-minded folk (three hotels worth, plus daytrippers).  There was some amazing yarn available from the vendors, notably Sereknity, Starcroft, and of course, Ball and SkeinMary Jane was my partner in not crime.  It's amazing how little damage we do together.  Tamara, on the other hand, was unstoppable, even after she asked us to stop her. 

I scored some light worsted merino from Ball and Skein that is slated for my next design, called Fannie Fouche.  Remember the ladies that had hankies tucked in their sleeves?  They are the inspiration for this design, perfectly suited for a sweater clip as well.  

So I recharged with beloved friends, and met some new ones too.  Some of the new ones felt like old ones, thanks to the online community.  Stitchy McYarnpants and I discussed leg hair somewhere around the 45 second mark after being introduced. 

I had been skipping along happily with my latest design, dubbed Eileen Mary after my Mother-in-Law.  Cascade Eco + is a lovely lofty wool with depth of color.  Well, it was all skippy, happy, lovely until one of my balls of Eco disappeared.  Into thin air.  Eco comes in huge hanks, so I only needed two of them.  I hand wound center pull balls as big as pumpkins. 

So I ordered more, and now I have enough to knit something else huge.  And if I'm ever reunited with ball #1, well, who knows.