Thursday, January 28, 2016

Etsy Store!

Open for business, a new etsy store under the same name I use in many other places, Odacier. Also, I have named the yarn that I have been having spun for the last few years:

I have long admired Julia Farwell-Clay's Nordic Star Cowl featured in Knitscene a while back -- so much that I often use it as a teaching example of best use of variegated yarn. Julia has translated that design into a sweater pattern. It is Spectacular I tell you, called Winter Traveller, and it is worked in Doc Mason's Wool!

I uploaded the remaining yarn from the 2015 clip to etsy, but it sold out before I made this post. There are a few skeins of yarn left from the 2014 clip though.

I have also been picking away at writing my first garment pattern, called the Ann Carolyn smock. It's the same yoked smock that has seen many iterations here and on my instagram. 

The learning curve is big, but big learning curves are fun to me.

I plan to release the paper pattern as soon as I get back from a trip to Scotland (I am going to the Edinburgh Yarn Festival!), that will be the end of March. It will be for sale in my etsy store.

There are more, but you get the idea. 
Enjoy your day!