Saturday, May 30, 2015

Yes to the Unicorns

On a recent outing to Portsmouth with Thea and Misa, I fell in love with some Heather Ross Fabric at the Portsmouth Fabric Company. Unicorns and flowers? Yes, please. I didn't even know I liked unicorns.

sweet necklace made by Amy Lou Stein, worn often
Two cherished yards have since been converted into another smock using a pattern that has been tested and refined on less precious fabric. 

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to test a pattern with your non-dreamy stuff. If it does not work out, the lessons learned are immeasurable and the disappointment is easy to get over. The garment can and should be donated to charity. If it does work out, super!

This one is a keeper. I have since purchased more Heather Ross fabric -- her aesthetic speaks to me.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Be Back Soon

I'm writing this from my phone! I have had several reminders lately that I have been missed and I cannot describe how wonderful that makes me feel. Thank you.

I am working on a super sized project: My family's farmhouse is on the market as of last week, and showings start in two days. I want it to shine in all of its glory. My folks bought this place when I was fifteen and hosted every family event here, including my wedding. It is a stately 1830s Greek Revival farmhouse and attached barn. It was a magical place for my family to thrive, and it is time for it to be loved by another family.

Kind of like sending your kids off to college, it is best to accept change as an opportunity for new growth. My Mom has moved to a smaller place on the lake in downtown Wolfeboro. We all LOVE it there.

I have been stitching all along and I will do a blast of daily posting to catch up. I also am planning a trip to Prince Edward Island to drop off my Brother-in-law's fleeces, as well as the annual shearing on Nash Island. All news too fun to keep to myself. :o)

See you soon, Friend.