Friday, October 25, 2013

Rhinebeck 2013

I've been to the fair.  And it was grand.  

I stayed in a house with a group of smart, kind, fun, and hilarious women.  I want more of that, I tell you. 

We arrived Thursday in order to have
some down time before the main event.

First we shopped for beer.

And vintage goodies. Loved, but did not purchase.

Amy tests boot quality by huffing.

*Okay, this photo was taken months earlier, different state.  I think we should all pitch in and get her a pair.

I bought chocolate covered potato chips and a head scratcher.  My husband's calling card stayed on the table all weekend.   

The main event is full of people, and I am a touch claustrophobic, so I don't shop well in the crowded buildings.  But ironically, I love the fairgrounds for the people. I get the opportunity to see folks I rarely see, even if only for a short visit.  And the people watching is like none other. 

That's Jani on the left - she's wearing her gorgeous version of Mary Jane's Jenny at the Fair, and a freshly minted Anna Maria Horner Painted Portrait Dress.  Mary Jane rallied jet lag and a blockbuster head cold in her Valenzi Cardigan, all with her signature style, smile, and red clogs.  And she also did book signings.  For three titles.  Of her own.  Hard to see, but I am wearing another Jenny at the Fair, also knit by Jani, with my circus top.  On the right is Cal, in her Chevron Lace Cardigan and charming dress.  
(Just between you and me, Cal is one of my style muses.) 
(But I told her she looked lame.  Because she was moving so carefully, I thought maybe she had hurt herself.) 

Here's another of my style muses, Sonya Philip. She was also my fair buddy. She made everything she's wearing, including the buttonholes.  Sonya is with Kim of CraftStash.  We spotted her from across the lawn and had to know her, and so we did.  She is as captivating in person as she looks.

I am so sorry I did not get this gal's name - her's is my favorite outfit of the whole weekend.  Dress + Cardigan + felted cloche.  

This fellow looked about to sneeze.

Vicuna and cutie pie.

The Rhinebeck Fairy.

Jackie, me, Sonya, and Amy.

And this dude, playing Smoke on the Water on the pan flute, with full accompaniment.  Hard not to dance in his presence. 
Hard not to dance after a weekend in Rhinebeck.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Dress + Cardigan: Installment 6

My sister Margaret scored the Best.  Name.  Ever.  In the real world she goes by Maggie. She married a peach of a man with a dramatic, musical name, that makes me want to raise my arms when I say it.  Magnifico!

Dress no. 6 is a mid thigh smock that started with Butterick 5356 and was heavily modified.  I have been coveting this circus performer fabric for years. The pocket is an applique I picked up for 25 cents at the Annual Salvation Army Fabric sale, and the horse is wearing a blanket fashioned from some trim I charted and wove way back when I was a weaver (1989). The sleeve fabric is a remnant from my daughter's homecoming dress, circa 2008.  I wear this top frequently -- it makes me smile.

The cardigan, Maggie Magnifico, is knit in Bartlett Fisherman 2-ply, and it started as the color spice heather.  I overdyed it last year, as I rarely wear tan (or black). The polka knots are made from my own variegated yarn.  They also make me smile.

I will be teaching the polka knot technique in January at Slater Mill, more details on that later.

While we are on the subject of names, I know a woman named Sarah Brand-New.  When we were introduced I said, "That is the best name."  Her response:  "I know."