Thursday, May 17, 2012

Grand Weekend Out

Me-e-eh by odacier
Me-e-eh, a photo by odacier on Flickr.

Last weekend I had a grand weekend out. 

Friday: the Annual Salvation Army Fabric sale in Portland.  I scored some sweet red calico and a big ole pile of old crafty books.  A woman in the fray asked where the books were - I vaguely gestured with my arm, "over there".  If I were a better person I would have said, "right here in my cart, sorry, you're too late".  My Sister and my Mom came away with nothin' but memories, and GirlfRindy came away with a buxsom dressform.  If you've never been, it's worth a trip, especially if you're a quilter (which I am not).

Saturday: New Hampshire Sheep and Wool.   It was a gorgeous day filled with old friends, new friends, guild friends, family friends.  Thea and Emily were so kind to share their day with me - we had a blast talking to the sheep, shopping the sweet smelling yarns, and showing new sweaters.  Thea has a darling and versatile new one, Charleston Tea, go see!  My Fannie Fouche is all knit and was displayed at Ball and Skein, pattern is  a l m o s t  complete, and will be tested asap.

Saturday evening was the Prom for my Senior (there are some photos in my flickr).  I chaperoned the after party, which meant a four-wheeling adventure in the dark to our woods camp.  I took my husband's truck - he outfitted it with a mattress in the back and a huge flashlight.  I brought some of my new old books and drifted off to the sounds of kids around a campfire. 

Fun, rapidfire.  I slept plenty on Sunday.