Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ten More Things

  1. I like to wear stretchy pants.
  2. I have a huge stack of men's Fruit of the Loom tank tops, dyed every color imaginable.  I wear one every day.  They keep out the breezes.
  3. I sit with my legs pretzeled up under me.
  4. Years ago my niece accidentally left her Gameboy at my house.  I played tetris so much I had to replace her batteries twice before returning it (reluctantly).  My husband bought me my own Gameboy for Christmas that year.  I played so much, when I went to bed at night I could see little puzzle pieces dropping.  And then I stopped.  I was embarrassed at how high my score was.
  5. My dog knows what d-o-g spells. 
  6. I wore size 5 1/2 shoes to my wedding.  Today I wear 7s.
  7. I was 23 when I got married.
  8. My favorite shoes are a pair of purple Justin Ropers, size 6 1/2.  They run big.
  9. Here I am wearing my latest design, Eileen Mary.  Recognize me?  Several test knitters have volunteered to shake down my pattern.  How nice is that?  This pattern has attractive armpits.  In Scotland the armpit is called the oxter.  How do I know?  Because my friend Jeni from Scotland told me so, and that's the wonder of the internet.  Jeni and MJ slept at my house on Sunday.  That's the wonder of the internet.
  10. I am nearing the one year mark for this web log.  It has been one of the best years ever for me.  I have met extraordinary people.  My people. 


~Rachel said...

We have #'s 3, 4, 5 & 6 in common! Attractive armpits. Hmmm. I have stitches in my armpit...the skin that is. Not so attractive. :)
Fun blog!

judy said...

I recognize the pin you are wearing.

craftivore said...

Did not know that your feet were so small, 5 1/2 s?! Also did not know that armpit is called and oxter. I'm glad your blogging and that we've met. :)))

mary jane said...

yay! One year. Oxter on!

jeni said...

Oxters on the internet, how magical!

Please tell Tom that the maple syrup made it home in one piece despite big turbulence on the plane. Time for pancakes I think.

Suzanne said...

just bought an iPhone and have become addicted to games...never had been before, always left them to the kids. They should post a warning with these games...WARNING: this game may be habit forming and cause you to loose track of time!
Can't wait til September...