Thursday, October 11, 2012

Interweave Knitting Lab

Last week I attended Interweave Knitting Lab.  I played the role of model (yes, I am a model), assistant, wrangler, handler, mule, gopher, tax accountant, time-keeper and comfort pet.  And it was a blast.  Playing a secondary role is way more fun than I expected, as the expectations are achievable:  writing a lesson plan, composing hand-outs, assembling goodies, and playing the part of engaging teacher are all way more difficult than schlepping boxes, getting coffee, and striking a pose.

And I had the opportunity, no, privilege of meeting a slew of good folks I have long admired.

Barbara Walker, my new BFF.
(don't be fooled, I gushed upon meeting her,
then went into convulsing fits of happiness)

Thank you kindly to Mary Jane Mucklestone and Gale Zucker for having me along in your classes and otherwise.   You are grand folks that I enjoy immensely.


Thea said...

How fun!! And what a star moment :)

magnusmog said...

So glad you had fun - can't wait to hear more tales.....

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

oh do I love that photo (and what you are both wearing).
You are a fabulous model--we all owe you photos. I hope you'll break out your modeling skillz one more time for my Rhinebeck photo project. See you on the weekend (yayyyy!)