Monday, October 29, 2012

Rhinebeck 2012


For me, Rhinebeck is all about the people.  And the animals.  Mary Jane, Jani, Norah and I stayed in Kingston NY, a town I would love to revisit with more time, to explore the lovely downtown area.  I think the whole Hudson River area is worth a long visit.

The barns filled with animals were great fun.  I was tempted to sign up for a trim myself.

There were parades of llamas (or are they alpacas?) and parades of knitwear.  The people watching was second to none.

Rhinebeck has a bustling but casual atmosphere, with sunny skies and even sunnier people. 

Sonya Philip is even more fun than she appears

It's hard to sum up the experience, and tough to do the trip justice with words. 


Thea said...

Was so good to see you again! We'll rendezvous in May in NH next, right....?

Mary Lou said...

Maybe next year. Sigh.

Ellen Mason said...

Thea - sooner!
ML - yesss.

Dorie said...

You should come to Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival sometime!