Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I'm Full

I think it is really easy to run around in our day-to-day lives and forget to check the fuel level. And then run out of gas. Not broken or busted, just in need of a little fuel to get from here to there.

I have a full tank courtesy of Fiber College.  I have grand new friends.  I have the well-being that comes from the company of old friends.  I have ideas (mostly good), inspiration, and energy.  I have very few pictures.

I have been with exceptional makers.  Fiber College friends make spirited music, photos that communicate inner beauty, books to bring in bed and read with a flashlight, patterns that I adore, yarns with the best story, discoveries that open my eyes, the cutest little dresses, and they make me laugh.  And I'm pretty sure some of them can make a warm breeze.

Thank you Astrig and Steve and the staff of FC for another banner year. 


Jani said...

A(WO)MEN! Thank YOU for filling up my tank with your laughter, encouragement, & inspiration. Cruisin' in the fast lane now!

Jennifer said...

Me, too! Me, too! It was such a delight, and I LOVE my newly dyed yarn. Thanks so much for your warmth and expertise.

Mary Lou said...

At first I thought you were telling on Gale and her running out of gas. It was so much funto meet you and hang out. We will plan a fun class for the future!

Ellen Mason said...

I didn't tell on Gale, you did. :o) I'm excited to work with you!

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Agreed x a million! That's a perfect way to sum up FC. So wonderful to hang with you again, even if I am only a remedial dyer.
PS haha, when I started reading I also thought of my, um, fueling issue. But it makes a perfect metaphor. No more empty tanks!!

craftivore said...

Sounds like an awesome time. One of these years I must attempt to get there.