Saturday, September 1, 2012

Filling Empty Nest with Yarn

My kids each bring humor, joy, and plain old fun to this household.  Parenting has been a merry ride all along, but the teen years have been especially enjoyable.

On Thursday we dropped off our middle child at the University of New Brunswick for his First Year (that's what they call it in Canada).   I am delighted that my college students have the guts to study far, far away.  But I must admit to crying on my griddlecakes on Friday.  And at the checkout at the bookstore. 

Our route home passes Briggs and Little.  I didn't cry there.  At all.  In fact, I purchased some lovely grey wool for a sweater for said boy.   Good wool, toothy and warm.  When we got home I spread a skein on me and fell asleep in front of the boob tube.

Here's a little fun we had at camp this summer, my son four wheeling a road I hadn't been on since I was a little girl.


twoknitwit said...

I assume that's you providing the color commentary and much laughter in the background!!

very funny :)

Ellen Mason said...

That's me!

magnusmog said...

Have a far away hug from me next time the griddle cakes make you cry. Wishing the boy many adventures:)

Jani said...

Congrats to the boy! I just took mine to NYC. next time you go by on the way to New Brunswick, stop in, stay here, we can cry together.