Saturday, January 10, 2015

Knitting Weekend

New smock, Wingfeathers Shawls, and overdyed jeans
I like to start and end projects on Groundhog Day: The holidays are behind me, and come February 2, there is the possibility of another 6 weeks if necessary or desired. This year's project is coming to a close.

I was feeling discouraged about not yet silk-screening, not yet weaving, not yet designing fabric for Spoonflower. I have not spent enough time drawing. I have several unfinished pieces. Yet, I have only myself to answer to. I sometimes forget I am not being graded on self-directed projects.

I have been stationing my work to get it ready for display at Trad Arts Studio next weekend.

and there is a pile of hats and mittens too

I have had a change of heart. [One can generally count on me to look at the bright side, eventually.] My dampened attitude is gone upon looking at my big picture accomplishments. This collection represents risks taken and umpteen lessons learned, new obsessions ( c r o c h e t ), and a fresh perspective. 

In an effort to cover more ground, I will be sharing my undocumented work in outfits from here forward.

If you are registered for one of my classes at Knitting Weekend, here's the list of what you will need to bring:

A Dozen Ways to use Variegated Yarn
All yarn will be provided. Please bring a variety of needles appropriate for dk weight through heavy worsted. Also, if you are unfamiliar with how to work a wrap and turn, please try it out at home. I will gladly help you become more comfortable with it in class.

Suncook Scarf
We will be working a small sample that covers all the concepts in the scarf in worsted weight yarn. I will have yarn available, and you are welcome to bring your own as well. Please bring a 40” circular needle in your favorite size for worsted weight (I use an 8 or 9, I am a tight knitter). If you do not own a 40” circular you can use a 32” for the sample, but you’ll certainly need a 40” for your full sized project.
The scarf can be worked in any weight of yarn, so long as the weight is consistent throughout the project. You are welcome to bring other yarns on the chance you finish your sample and want to get started on your full sized scarf.
If you are unfamiliar with magic loop knitting, please look it up and try it at home. I will help make you comfortable with the method in class.

I look forward to our day together!


Mary Lou said...

Wish I were going!

Beverly said...

Your wardrobe is impressive!

cal said...

this is something i need to remind myself once in a while too! i get frustrated with my progress on individual projects, but then when i step back and look at what i've accomplished over a month/year/lifetime, i feel much better! thanks for sharing your progress; always inspiring!

Rose said...

Why are we so hard on ourselves? I'm glad you decided to be happy with your accomplishments; I am also an optimist and so grateful to be one. You have inspired me to work on making more of my clothing and I wish I was going to NY to take your class, but alas, I'm not. Have fun!

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

"Not being graded on self-directed projects" ---exactly! Big picture is the way to go and yours is SO inspiring. How I wish I could have gone to Slater Mill last weekend as well as NY.
I am with you 1000% on the crochet addiction, it hits me most winters in the form of granny squares (comfort crafting?) but this year it is for shawls, thanks to you.