Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Stitcher's Wardrobe: Giraffe Outfit

Theme outfits, that's where it's at. Scroll down and you'll see why this is my giraffe outfit.

My scarf is made from Nash Island Fog and trimmed with Graceland Farm Alpaca. The smock is my dolman sleeve regular (Butterick 5356, modified) -- I'm surprised at how much I enjoy dolman sleeves. The skirt is the same one from Monday.

Giraffe hexagon from the first smock I sewed, c. 1974

Giraffe pin!
I found a few pins in my Grandmother's costume jewelry that I would not have purchased on my own, but since they belonged to someone whose style I adored, I'm seeing them through new eyes. It is refreshing to see through someone else's eyes on occasion.

This may be the gateway to a massive collection -- you know, the kind where every room in the house has a theme -- frogs, pigs, ducks -- shelves upon shelves of thousands of figurines and stuffed animals.

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Mary Lou said...

Shuddering at the dusting of all that. I have some pins from my aunt, will be wearing the Bakelite horse head today.