Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Stitcher's Wardrobe: Breezy Outfit

In September at Fiber College some friends and I dyed yards of silk in Mason jars. The scarf here has not been hemmed yet; I plan to cut it and rearrange the pieces into a long scarf, and maybe treat the edges to a big bold running stitch. I think. In the meantime I enjoy it as is -- it holds fond memories for me.

My sleeveless shirt has armholes that cover me well, both in the front and the back. 

The pin is from my Grandmother Fay -- I unearthed a few pieces of her costume jewelry in cleaning the family barn. 
Jeepers, I love pins.

Here's dreaming of summertime boat rides on the lake, toes in the sand, a drink with a straw, good company and a warm midday breeze. 


Emily said...

What a fascinating pin! Was she Scottish, then? My husband's family is part Scottish, but their motto is some kind of Scots dialect that would be totally indecipherable to me without Google.

Teri said...

Have you looked at any of the stuff from Renoir/Matisse? Renoir was the parent company and did mostly copper work. Matisse was the enameled part of the company. It's modern stuff and I don't like all of it. But they have this great enameled leaf pin that I just love. Bought one in green and have a red one headed my way. I have a couple of nice rhinestone onew too, but the Renoir seems more like "me".

Ellen Mason said...

Great idea Emily ... Google says it is the Clan Buchanan crest. Her Mother's maiden name was Gordon, which is Scottish, but I'm going to search for Buchanan in my roots now.

Mary Lou said...

I love my scarf. Not hemmed yet.

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

I am LOVING these outfits. Every single one!
One of my scarves was cut in half and hand seamed end to end(open seam felled) to make a longer skinnier scarf, the edges are unhemmed and I am doing running stitch rows the length of it---which is taking longer than it should (ahem maybe 10 minutes of stitching once a month isn't enough?). It's a delayed gift to a sister. My second one will be for me...I am still unsure about the edges but I think it'll be lovely as it frays. Even if it come sout weird , the memories, as you said, will make it beautiful.