Monday, November 29, 2010

Harvesting Plaid

Every fall the catalogs and stores bloom with warm and wonderful plaids, and I think, 'why don't I make something plaid?'  (A normal person might think, 'why don't I buy something plaid?')  So this year I went to my big chain fabric store, but they did not offer the plaids of my dreams.  The plaids of my dreams harken back to the day when my Dad, my Mom, my Mom's Twin, and my Uncle all wore matching buffalo check woolen shirts.  At the same time.

Being the fiber bottomfeeder that I am, I found just what I yearned for at my local (Salvation Army) thrift store.  And more.  These plaids either bring me back or they just plain feel fantastic.

They are well on their way to being the shirts that I crave. 

This one is due for more embroidery and white vintage buttons.

And this one has the vibe I was searching for.



Brenda said...

I used to sew all my clothes, but my brain still sees my Grandma figure as it's old teenage self. making pattern purchasing very difficult. Maybe I need to sacrifice a current blouse to pattern development. I love your idea of thrifting the fabric.

Elizabeth Green Musselman said...

Oh, wow -- I LOVE what you're creating with those shirts!

Anonymous said...

That shirt has worn elbows and moth holes and remains hanging in his closet. It doesn't fit anymore.

craftivore said...

Love the tree! I always want to repurpose clothes from the thrift store but seem to run out of energy once I've collected them. Love when someone goes to the trouble and makes something fabulous.