Friday, November 12, 2010

Have Shoes, Will Travel

In my quest to alter all surfaces, I'm experimenting with some painting on leather.  Actually, I'm experimenting with painting on 'all man made materials' at this point.  I've seen it done with fantastic results, such as here, and here.  Below are some shoes from my closet that were on the chopping block.

I primed them with Jacquard Neo Opaque paint and made a carbon of my artwork (that's my rendition of a Shasta).

Then I painted with a combination of simple Apple Barrel acrylics and Jacquard Lumiere paint, and drew in lines with a Sharpie.

I think they still need some words on them, some how, some way.  And I'm not sure if I should give them a protective coating.  And then wear them to a caravan festival.  And bring this sweet camper, too.  And I may as well bring my knitting.

Unrelated, I love this simple hem.  It is on a sweater I bought to unknit, but I've grown to like it the way it is, for now at least.  I think I'll copy it for one of my own sweaters.


mary jane said...

this brought on a flashback- I painted my "water buffalo" wooden wedgies, bright lime with white stripes in high school...Love your happy campers!

Anonymous said...

OOOooo Weee. I have been going through my shoes and I have some I may send your way for embellishment. Those are fabulous!

Love, Merle

Elizabeth Green Musselman said...

I LOVE THOSE SHOES!! Sorry to shout, but I LOVE THOSE SHOES! You are a genius.

craftivore said...

Those are sooo funny. I actually love the white with line drawing version too. Next up, go go boots covered with line drawings!