Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Still Chewing


Mary Jane and I took a last minute whirlwind trip to NY Sheep & Wool (Rhinebeck) in October.  I wanted to come home with inspiration, not supplies.  It was a success.  Actually, it was inspiring, fascinating, crowded, and overwhelming.  I am still digesting.

Sidenote:  I've met my match in MJ in fear of crowds.  Imagine challenging yourself to swimming across the bottom of the pool in one breath.  Now imagine getting your cute skirted swimming costume stuck in the damn drain at the bottom of the pool.  Worse, imagine your girlfriend's cuter swimming costume is stuck in the same damn drain.  That's about what we felt when we reached the midpoint of the really crowded buildings - we could see the exit signs, but we couldn't reach them.  Now imagine yourself at the beer tent.

I think I've loosened up a little this year (excepting the crowd thing).  I'm all over the map with knit/sew/dye/draw/print/weave cravings. (Does anyone have a good all-encompassing name for these activities? You'd think I could name what I do. I actually have a degree in studio art, emphasis on traditional craft, but that sounds snooty. Useful Fashion/Art ... UFArt? Wearable Fashion/Art ... WeFArt).  I think it's all going to come together in a walking human collage, like this. 

And here's a start, my Sara Luverne design,  made with Ball and Skein's Breckenridge, in concert with Leslie Wind's jewelry.

Fasten your socks.  It's gonna be a fun ride.


Elizabeth Green Musselman said...

Can you imagine how the sheep and alpacas feel at these things? Though I suppose if you're a sheep you can't really afford claustrophobia.

I love the way you match up jewelry and buttons (aka Shinies) and sweaters.

Ellen said...

When it really got to be shoulder to shoulder, I started mooing. I think next time I'll do my best sheep bleat and encourage everyone to join in.

Did I tell you the story of all my BIL's sheep trying to pass through the gate at once? It was a three stooges moment - hilarious.