Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Make Stile

Simple words to live by, written by my niece.  I keep this on my fridge to help remember the direction in which I'm pointed.

I don't knit a sweater without sewing a shirt (nor do I eat stuffing without cranberry sauce).  I have a favorite shirt pattern - a modification of a modification of Butterick 4064, which I purchased for 25 cents (note: there is no longer a cents symbol on my keyboard, only dollars).  While I think it's acceptable to wear the same sweater day after day, I do like to change my shirt, so I've made a couple more.

And I've cut out two others.

This one is harvested from a men's XL dress shirt.  I added a western overlay, a la Temple Grandin, and I'm planning some embroidery inspired by a lonesome tree in a scene from the movie Tombstone.

Cutting is fun.  While I am not a victim of startitis in knitting, I think I may be in sewing ... here's a dress all cut out (and there might be another all cut and waiting under the table).  Once sewn, I hope to actually wear it (and thrust my hip out to the side with attitude) with a cardigan.

I've been knitting too.  I'm revising a mitten pattern  I wrote this spring so it can be knit in various gauges and sizes.  The thumb looks like a chicken drumstick.  It will be available on Ravelry on December 1, and as of now is un-named (hopefully there will be a chicken reference - any ideas?).

I have a wicked craving for weaving lately.  And printing, too.  I'm hoping this diversity will bring an unexpected (good) lilt to my knitting design.   So I'm going to be bold (like so many of my friends), and be a cool, relaxed, stile maker. 


Elizabeth Green Musselman said...

I love your niece's spelling of "be relxst." Somehow that just seems more relxst.

Maybe Bantam Mittens as a chicken reference? I like the two m's together.

U mk gud stile.

Ellen said...

I LOVE Bantam Mittens!

craftivore said...

That blouse is a classic, love it. Bantam is a much nicer name than Drumstick mittens, which was going to be my suggestion.