Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Last weekend I met up with MJ, Liz and Vicky at Cabot Mill (aka Fort Andross) in Brunswick for lunch before Gudrun Johnston's booksigning, and we quickly buzzed through the behemoth building which houses a farmer's market, restaurants, an antique store, and a flea market. I love mill buildings. I love flea markets. Those two things alone would have made my day. But it got way better.

Gudrun Johnston recently released a lovely new book, The Shetland Trader.  I jumped at the opportunity to see her at Purl Diva.  I'm kicking myself for not picking up a second copy to give away as a gift (sorry, I'm not parting with mine).  We had a great visit, naturally picked up some exquisite yarn, and then made our way ... back to the flea market where a lamp had been calling my name.
You see, I have a thing for ugly lamps.  Maybe it's something about the stitching on the shades (you stitch it, I'll like it), or the notion that no one else is going to have the same lamp (sometimes for obvious reasons).

Twin A

Twin B

So long I have to be careful where I put it

Waiting for the perfect
sputnik like shade

Something feminine for my dressing table

So thank you Gudrun and Mary Jane, for a stellar weekend.  Without you I might never have found this: 

Welcome Home, little tv lamp


Brenda said...

LOL! What a well-lit house you must have.

craftivore said...

Love all the lamps! I know what you mean about the stitching on them. Wish I could have hoofed it up to Purl Diva with you all, sounds like an awesome day.

B said...

I LOVE your site, sweaters and your lamps!!

It makes me very happy. You need to post more so that I can have an "Ellen Zen Moment" every day.


Angela said...

Considering my favorite lamp may be one I made out of a trout-shaped whiskey bottle, and I have the same yellow McCoy log planter you do, we might share some interests!