Monday, January 3, 2011

Paper Dolls

I've spent a lot of time at the computer this last month.  I cannot imagine how some folks work on a computer all day long.  Ack.  I have been learning the newest version of CorelDraw X5, using it on our Christmas cartoon.  Below is an excerpt.

I have also been working on some fashion illustration.  It's just plain fun, and a handy presentation skill.  I start with a croquis (crow-kee), which is a simple line drawing of a figure.  I lay a piece of paper over the croquis and draw whatever is in my head.  Then I scan the image and manipulate it in CorelDraw.

yellow velveteen skirt

replica of a vintage dress I've been coveting
Below is my latest sweater design, along with some detail shots.  My husband is delighted that I have found flora that I am actually capable of growing.

I was thinking, these croquis girls are super for making the cartoon clothing look flattering, but what about middle-aged me?  How would some cartoon clothes look on me?  Well, I'm not sure yet, but here's a starting point:

Croquis de Me
And here's me in a pair of Spanx:
g a s p ! 
I'll dress me up and let you know.


craftivore said...

Oh my gosh, this is so awesome and funny! I would like to see a spanxed version of myself too. Your croquis girls are adorable, they look young and hip in an approachable way, and your sweater looks amazing.

Brenda said...

I love the colour of that sweater! But Gasp! Is that bottom up?

mary jane said...

you crack me up...let's make that cool dress, K?

Ellen said...

Yup Brenda, it's bottom up! I considered top down but the leaves would have been upsidedown. Color is Quince honey - mmmm. Planning a collarless one in Ball and Skein too!

Elizabeth said...

Absolutely gorgeous, with and without Spanx.

sadie said...

I had a virtual model on the Land's End website a few years ago. I was honest in my measurements, and about died when she would 'come out of the changeroom' in the clothes I chose. I figured she would refuse to come out at all unless I started choosing more appropriate clothes. Then they were gone from the site. Guess they all quit!

Ellen said...

Sadie, I'm sorry to hear about the virtual models up and quitting, because my model would have been in the dressing room next to yours in hysterics.