Friday, April 30, 2010

Location, Location, Location

Meeting Leader: "We need a volunteer to go to the Whateverfest to man a table."
Me: "Will there be lots of waiting and boredom involved?"
Meeting Leader: "Yes."
Me: "I'm in.  Sign me up."  

Where do I knit? Where do I not knit is easier to answer. I do not knit at funerals or weddings.

My knitting bag goes with me to Weight Watchers, various club and town meetings, doctor's and dentist's appointments for me and my three teens, and to many, many concerts and rehearsals - my son is a very active musician.  Where I go, my knitting goes, pretty much.

At home my knitting spot is seasonal.  In the winter I like a chair right next to the wood stove ... though it proves difficult to stay awake.  In the non-heating season I like a sunny spot, like the porch or our family room.  And in the evening I go where the family is.

Where I knit matters little.  Whether I knit matters lots.  I'm thrilled and thankful to have the use of my fingers and hands.  And time on my hands, too.

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