Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Great Knitters

Today's assignment: write about a knitter whose work I enjoy. I have to answer this question two ways.  Sweaters are my deal.  I have my own sources of wool and other fibers, and I have strong ideas about how to use them, so I never go by a written pattern. But, I am constantly searching other folk's work for inspiration.  Looking at good sweaters just makes me feel downright happy. 

One designer keeps stopping me dead in my tracks for her ability to think outside the box:  Norah Gaughan.  She is a brave knitter, going where no knitter has gone before. Oh how I would love to sit on a couch and knit with her ... maybe eat some snack foods, plug in a good movie ...

The other knitter whose work I enjoy is Priscilla Gibson-Roberts.  Her book Knitting in the Old Way has been my companion for almost 25 years.  She taught me how to take my ideas and turn them into wearable pieces.  Her work has fostered my work.

Thanks Gals.  I sure appreciate the help.

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