Thursday, April 29, 2010

Homemade Tools

My favorite tools for knitting are the ones I have made myself.  I have a series of tools I use to make recycled self striping yarn.

I start with thrifted sweaters, usually cellulose fibers and/or silk.  I frog them and ply the resulting yarn on my spinning wheel. Then I wind the plied yarn onto my super skein maker (which is actually a homemade pvc drum warper).  Here it is in pieces.  I'm not going to set it up today, because I know if I do none of my other jobs will get done.  I'll post pictures next time I set it up.  Soon.

Here's the resulting 22 yard super skein (body to demonstrate scale):
I dye the skein with fiber reactive dyes.  Then I wash it out by hand and put it back on my super skein winder so that I can wind it into more manageable sized skeins.  For that I use this, my homemade pedal powered skein winder:
Here's the yarn:
Then I knit.

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Kristy said...

Amazing! I'm looking forward to seeing your super skein maker in action.