Saturday, May 1, 2010

Most Important Knitting

Twenty years ago I knit this sock in anticipation of our first child.  Our boy was born a little too early and much too ill.  We were much luckier than many parents - we had the chance to enjoy him for six and a half weeks - some folks don't even get a day. My husband carried this sock in his pocket for years.

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VictoriaG said...

Oh my, this post just completely undid me. Not in the way you'd think though, yes, the loss of a sweet little one, a very real and constant ache, but the mention of your husband carrying the wee little sock. Such sweetness, such sadness, all blended into one to make you both who you are. I'm an NICU RN and though yes, there is sadness, pain and grief, good does come from it, and it's called strength. Bless you all, ~Vicki
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