Monday, May 10, 2010

NH Sheep and Wool Booty

I finished writing my mitten pattern on Friday, and met my self-imposed deadline.  I had a large pile of people in my home on Saturday - it was good to have my week's focus not be solely party prep.  And my reward on Sunday was a day at the New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival.

I quickly searched out a roving, a merino from Abi's Web.  I scurried to the Building 13 and spun with the NH Spinners and Dyers Guild.  I was demonstrating what a newbie spinner looks like.

Closures on my sweaters need to speak to me.  I love them most when they are either vintage or handmade. 
Jan Marek Raczkowski (ma sheep&wool, May 29&30) had a great selection of carded vintage buttons. 

I think I've found what I need for my Sue sweater.

And Jan also had some buckles given to him by a friend whose grandmother was a seamstress - I was able to meet his friend and hear the story of their origin.  Dingdingding!  I wanted all of them, but settled for two.

Leslie Wind had a selection of closures worth using as a jumping off point for design.  I think I could design an entire ensemble around her pieces.  I'm not a jewelry person.  She may have changed my mind.

And I have big plans for Ball and Skein's hand dyed yarn.

I saw friends.  I saw family. I made new friends. And I even met Jackie Fee, whose class I'll be taking at Fiber College in September.  It was a great day.

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