Sunday, January 5, 2014

Dress + Cardigan: Installment 8

Dress no. 8 is a shirt dress made of crisp cotton purchased at Portsmouth Fabric Company.  I met my friend Julia there for an indulgent visit this summer. Making one's own clothes is a satisfying endeavor.  Add in memories of a visit with a friend and the endeavor becomes more meaningful.  Touchdown, Field Goal.

I had just enough fabric to cobble together only one pocket.

This sweater is knit from my brother-in-law's wool, the first clip spun in 2009.  It is a toothy wool spun from Cheviot sheep.  The color is akin to cilantro: Either you love it or you don't (for the record, I love this color, can't stand the taste of cilantro).

The buttons are vintage.  They have only a small dimple on the public side.

I am really pleased with the gathered effect of the yoke. I believe I'll get lots of wear with this sweater -- it looks sharp with many of my clothes.

In other news, snowmobile season has begun. Here's a snap from today's ride. Our property connects to eighty miles of groomed trails, and that's just our own club system.

I love this season.


Melissa aka twoknitwit said...

love that fabric! and thanks for bringing back fond memories of snowmobiling with my grandpa in upstate NY in the '70s

have fun!!!!

Beverly said...

Every dress should have a pocket! You are inspiring me to improve my sewing skills...and I adore the gathers on the sweater. So feminine and lovely!

Mary Lou said...

I'm the other way 'round. Love cilantro. That color? Not for me. I love the snowmobile pix. I was saying the other day that in all my years of living in cold places I have never driven or ridden on a snowmobile. Enjoy. It's minus 25 here today.

Teresa said...

Do you have a pattern for your cilantro sweater? I love it!

Ellen Mason said...

Hi Teresa, I do not have a pattern for this sweater -- I discovered after making it that the yoke is very similar to Kristen TenDyke's Broken Rib Tank. But thanks for asking!