Monday, January 13, 2014

Dress + Cardigan: Installment 9

Dress no. 9 is another shirt dress sewn in a simple quilter's cotton.  Quilter's cotton is in keeping with the weight and drape of fabric back when women wore everyday dresses.  Come to think of it, I doubt there was cotton manufactured for quilt making like there is today.  Quilts were sewn from scraps and worn items. I think I'll start calling quilter's cotton "the cotton formerly known as dress fabric".

The buttons are large vintage numbers.  I wondered whether I would like them on a dress.  Turns out I do not.  I learned by taking a risk -- I'm happy with that.

The sweater on Eileen (I had to rotate these photos a few degrees) is Cousin Edith, named for another of my grandmother's favorite Pennsylvania cousins.  It is knit in a blue flake cotton, partly on my Singer 360 and partly by hand.

The set in sleeve cap was worked with a shape I am not accustomed to, with the bulk of the 'every other row' shaping located at the bottom of the cap.  I think I will revert to my more rounded sleeve cap, but again, I learned by taking a risk.

In other news, there are still some seats left in my Two at a Time Mitten class at Slater Mill on Sunday, January 19.  Come join me!


Sue O said...

I love the buttons! The entire dress/cardigan remind me of the clothing my Aunt wore while babysitting me.

Sue O

Mary Lou said...

Formerly known as dress fabric, I love it. We can add it to the slogans for the bring back the housecoat" project."

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

I love the big buttons on that dress. I love your risk taking. I do not love that I can't be at Slater Mill this weekend ! Have a blast- I would have loved to be in your class.

craftivore said...

Eileen and Cousin Edith, lol! Love the names that you give your garments. They are both dears. xo