Friday, January 31, 2014

A Couple of Two Timing Chickens

I enjoy the magic loop method of knitting any time I have a small circumference to work.  And by small, I mean anything under eighteen inches.  My hands tuck comfortably into the loops and the stitches glide steadily around the needle.  I have learned to avoid laddering at the turning points, and the needle is never lost.

Have you tried the magic loop?  Give it a go. There are lots of videos out there showing how it is done.

And when you're comfortable with magic loop, how about some two-timing?  I have rewritten my Fried Chicken Mitten pattern with detailed instructions on how to knit two mittens simultaneously using the magic loop method.  There are seven sizes: Youth Small, YM, YL, Adult Small, AM, AL, and AXL.

You'll need a skein of rustic, toothy wool in aran weight.  You know, the kind that still smells like sheep.  Your needle must be 40 inches or longer, and with a flexible cable.

This new pattern is seven pages long, with lots of drawings and pictures and tips, and stitch counts all along the way.

Mittens are a portable project easily tucked into a small sack. Folks will be mesmerized by your mad knitting skills.

The pattern is available on the right side of your screen.


gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

I really should do this. I would giggle the whole time knitting regarding the chicken thumbs. I am a veteran magic looper but I just can't wrap my head around 2 at a time...maybe this month!

Diane said...

oh yes, I am a new knitter yet I cannot abide DPNs so I've learned to do Magic Loop. I love using magic loop also