Friday, August 5, 2011

A Whole Lot of Win

We have winners from the Fiber College Blog Tour!

Giveaway #1 goes to Genevieve Monks Keller.  Your prize will be waiting for you at Fiber College.  There is a table at the entrance with smiling faces to greet you and point you in a direction.  They will have your yarn and your free pass for Saturday evening.

Giveaway #2 goes to Bekky.  Please email your shipping address Bekky (odacierATyahooDOTcom), and I will send your yarn on its merry way.

Giveaway #3 goes to Leamonteach.  Wait.  #3?  There was no #3.  Well, there were some folks that were unsure about whether they could make it to Fiber College or did not indicate, and I appreciate that they left a comment anyway, so I threw in one more giveaway, just like giveaway #2.   Leamonteach, please email your shipping address to (odacierATyahooDOTcom).

Have you ever used a random number generator?  I am embarrassed to say I felt a little nervous clicking on the 'generate' button.  Yikes, good thing I'm not a gambler.  Thanks Y'all!


Genevieve Monks Keller said...

Thank you so very much! I can't wait! - Genevieve

Cheryl Clayton said...

Hi Ellen and happiest of birthdays to you today!! I have been wanting to email and I know you've changed your email address, but alas, I am not nearly as computer accomplished as I'd like to be! My girls and I have recently discovered and been glued to your blog ~ you have inspired immensely! Morgan was up early and dying yarn in our backyard and both girls and I have knit hats, scarfs, mittens and socks out the wazoo for the past month. Would love to catch up more....but love to all the Masons and especially you this day!

PS I still have my Lopi sweater too!!
Cheryl (I nearly forgot to type my name! Would have sealed my computer short-falls!)