Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fiber College Blog Tour & Giveaway: Day Four

If this is your first time here, Hello and Welcome. Have you checked out Fiber College yet?  Here is a video featuring Fiber College 2010 on Bill Green's Maine, presented by WCSH6.  This year's line up is really exciting - I am counting the days!  It is held at Searsport Shores Ocean Campground, a gorgeous wooded wonderland on the shores of Penobscot Bay.

I am delighted to have been selected as a teacher this year - the competition was stiff!  On Sunday, September 11, I am teaching Fiber Reactive Dye Workshop with Reclaimed Plant Fiber Yarn.  What does that mean? We will disassemble plant fiber sweaters (cotton, rayon, linen, & silk too), and unknit them.  Then we will dye the resulting yarns using many different techniques, including solid color immersion dyeing, dye painting, gradient dyeing, and dyeing self-striping yarns.  Each student will go home with a self-made skein of each of these types, plus handouts describing how to repeat the procedure. 

Have you been to all the stops on the tour?  Please go visiting!

Monday July 25 Beth Brown-Reinsel

Tuesday July 26 Mary Jane Mucklestone

Wednesday July 27 Amy Herzog

Thursday July 28 Ellen Mason 
you're here!

Friday July 29 Gale Zucker

I have Giveaways!

Wool grown on my Brother-in-Law's Farm in Salisbury, NH
Spun at MacAusland's and dyed by me

Giveaway #1 (two items):  Yarn from me, see photo above, and a free pass for the Fiber College Saturday Evening Dinner. This includes a show and tell session which you may participate in, and a cocktail reception before the sit down dinner with slide show lecture by Artist in Residence Mary Jane Mucklestone.  Mary Jane will be lecturing on her trips to Shetland and Peru to learn more about their traditional knitting.  This pass may be given to a companion if the Fiber College Package you signed up for already includes the dinner.  Your prizes will be waiting for you at the entrance.

Wool grown on my Brother-in-Law's Farm in Salisbury, NH
Spun at MacAusland's and dyed by me

Giveaway #2:  Are you unable to make it to Fiber College this year?  Well then, just yarn for you, see photo above.  Be sure to indicate in your comment that you're unable to make it this year, and check back here on the 5th of August.

To win, just leave a comment here sometime before August 5th, when I’ll randomly select a winner.

In the spirit of learning, I'm trying to get up the intestinal fortitude to learn to drive my folks' 38 foot long camper the three hours to Searsport.  I really want to stay at the campground. 

Looks like an athletic shoe, but bigger


Cate said...

I wish I could be there - sounds like so much fun! My brother (42) is getting married, which will also be fun, but won't provide the fiber infusion I crave. I'm off to the Maine Quilt Show this weekend - that will have to hold me for a while.

Good luck driving the RV!
-- Cate

Genevieve Monks Keller said...

I am very excited to be a first time Fiber College attendee. I signed up for Andean Accents on Saturday.

I LOVE the colors in your yarn.

I'm thinking you need a bumper sticker on that RV.... hmm: "Drop Stitches, not Bombs."
Or, "Spinning - because knitting isn't weird enough."
Have a fun trip!

TamaraC said...

Ellen, you a much braver than I am. So far I have dodged the ineveitable; me driving while towing the travel trailer. Parking it seems daunting to me. I'm not staying oceanfront this year, going to save my $$ for vendor shopping. I'll have Sangria on ice at the campsite come by for a visit. Tamara

Medora said...

Ah...lucky you, to have a grownup camper! You'll love being right in the midst of things after your harrowing drive. It's not that hard, really; I've driven a city bus, and you adapt quite rapidly. I'll see you in Searsport!

Sara said...

Hmmm. Just go for it. How much harder can it be to drive an oversized athletic shoe than knit? I mean really! See you in Maine.

Jennifer said...

I am excited for Fiber College this year. I can only attend on the weekend, but live close enough for a day trip. I love the sound of your class! Talk about recycling!

Sara said...

I'm not sure if I can go yet. Still trying to work it out. You should watch Jeff Foxworthy's stand-up routine about RV's as an acronym to "ruined vacation"! I'd love to try RV camping sometime. Sara

Leamonteach said...

OOH OOH OOH. Yarn and a pass. You are TOO inspiring--and brave to drive that RV! BEST of luck!

Marie and Chris said...

Oh, go for the camper! Once you get out of those curvy roads in the lakes region, it will be easy-peasy!

I think I'll be at Fiber College - gotta see if DH can get those days off work.

Tracey said...

i can't make it because i am way far away in san francisco. but i started reading your blog because i love your designs. :)

Megan said...

I have a newborn and won't be traveling this year, but thanks for the opportunity to win!

Paula Wilson, OH said...

Oh I wish I could be there, I have chosen SAFF for my 2011 vacation, 2 and a 1/2 weeks. But now that I have found the fiber college, it may be 2012 destination

Paula said...

I'd love to attend Fiber College. Unfortunately, it's not in the cards at this time. I've been a lurker on your blog for some time. I love your designs and projects, and enjoy reading about the process.

Bekky said...

Wish I could go to Fiber College, it sounds so much fun. Hope you have a brilliant time

woolydaisy said...

i am unable to attend-but would love to be included in the give away drawing!!! thanks:)

connie vickery said...

Last year I saw the postcard and this year I hope to make it at least one day and will bring 2 fiber/painting/beading/tatting friends!!! It sounds so cool!