Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gypsy Knitting

I started a sweater back in August of 2010 while on a road trip - something fun and mindless, and an opportunity to work out some ideas I had in my head. My Ravelry project page is here.  I have since picked it up again (I'm multi - knitting lately, out of character for me).  I'm at the yoke, and it looks like a great opportunity for some colorwork, something I have not done since I was in college (I think I lopied myself out). 

I did some quick dyeing last week, as I knew we would be away in the camper for the weekend.  I wound off some yarn that was around the house, most of it leftovers and hand-me-downs (my guilds are fantastic resources for hand-me-down yarn).  I placed it in Mason jars with some acid dyes and steamed it in my electric turkey cooker, eleven jars at once.  The colors are unmistakably Summer Vacation.

I had the Fair Isle charting all figured out, and then I saw Audrey's version of Kate Davies Paper Dolls sweater.  Suddenly the vine seemed too tame.  Now I need a motif with this clever sense of humor - maybe pickles, maybe peanuts, not sure.


craftivore said...

Oh yay! Colors! Charts! This is my sweet spot. Have a wonderful road trip.

magnusmog said...

This looks like it will be tons of fun!

Suzanne said...

FABULOUS colors, can't wait to see more Ellen!