Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Yarn Revival

I deconstructed a men's all cotton sweater a while ago and dyed the resulting yarn to self stripe.  The colors were happy and bright.  Too happy and bright.  Ick.

So I plied the yarn with the yarn from another deconstructed all cotton sweater, this time a grey and white rag cotton twist.  Yech.

So I threw it in a dye lot with something else ... I can't even remember, something red.  Ack.

Last chance.  I tossed it in a dye bucket with some blue and black dye, and the sleeves of an old cotton tee. Hooray!  I'm loving the resulting mellow blue stripey yarn, and it feels like velvet.  It's still on the needles, and the tee has been cut into little rosettes for embellishment. 

Money spent was next to nothing, and the time spent has been a sweet lesson in perseverance.


magnusmog said...

I've been dyeing today with eucalyptus bark that has been festering in a bucket in my kitchen for weeks ( deliberately, not neglectfully )

Lovely pale gold coloured fibre but the house smells like out of date cold remedy!

Ellen Mason said...

When my sweet potatoes and onions festered (neglectfully) in the pantry I ended up with my first successful foray into gardening/house plants. I am very proud of my little champions.

craftivore said...

I love seeing your dyeing process. perhaps I'm not as discerning as you because they looked like lovely photos every step of the way.

Elizabeth GM said...

Aw, now see, I like the clownbarf colorway. But if you've got TASTE and all, then yes, the blue overdye was a great move.