Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hey Nineteen

Last week I delivered my 19-year-old back to school for her Sophomore year at Virginia Tech.  I do miss her, but she's so happy there I wouldn't want her anyplace else.

In my Sophomore year I had the good fortune of a roommate that knit, and friends that knit too.  I think that was a little unusual for 1985.  And we all knit with Lopi, mostly hats and sweaters. 

Lopi Icelandic, 1985

Knitting this Icelandic sweater was my salvation during finals, guided by Knitting in the Old Way by Priscilla Gibson Roberts.

an update with a nod to my daughter

In 1985 my friend Skooie was taking a class in elementary education, and one of her assignments was to learn something new, something she knew nothing about.  So we all taught her to knit. We started her on a hat in the round.  She had many teachers, and also many followers who wanted to learn to knit as well.  She would pass her knitting to non-knitting friends and let them have a go at it.  Gauge was never considered, and I think maybe which direction to knit in may have confused her once or thrice.  She soldiered on, never frogging a single stitch, and ended up with a hat that would fit a rhinoceros, horn and all.  With the hat on her head, she gave a presentation to her class on her learning-to-knit experience and I do believe she earned an A.  And she became a tremendous school teacher.   

In other news, I have finished my un-named cowl made from recycled yarn, as well as a pin to hold it just so.  And my man has finished one wood shed.  We're rich.


Brendaknits said...

You were lucky to have latched onto Knitting In The Old Way rather than step by step blind following instructions which were my introduction to Lopi-like sweaters. Not nearly as much of an eye opening experience as PGR

craftivore said...

The sweater still looks awesome after all these years, now that is a fine knit. The cowl is very cute but my eyes couldn't stop looking at the lovely stack of wood.