Monday, December 8, 2014

A Stitcher's Wardrobe: Wingfeathers Kerchief

At the expense of many important details in my life, I have been crocheting. I have completed five triangular scarves since late October, and that includes time on the wagon. It's embarrassing.

This little warmer is another Wingfeathers Shawl, pattern by Cal Patch of Hodgepodge Farm. The yarn was a gift and was missing its label -- I want to give kudos to the maker so I will chase that down. *update: it is merino from Knitted Wit.

The gauge is much bulkier than what the pattern calls for.  I simply hooked away until I had about a yard of yarn left, and then I fastened the triangle into a 22 inch circumference ring.

I love the word 'kerchief'. It goes with 'jersey' and 'dungarees' and 'congealed salad'. And I have decided crochet goes with everything.


Jani said...

there is a wonderful book called everyday sacred in which the author makes the same exact bowl 100 times and learns something new each time. keep crocheting.

Mary Lou said...

Dungarees, yes. Congealed salad just sounds nasty. Is it a Southern thing? And I am with Jani, keep on crocheting that kerchief -wrap-shawl in all of its incarnations.

mary jane said...

Congealed may take a bit for me to find the beauty in that phrase...maybe if I listen to the sound not picture the image...thanks darlin'

cal said...

my grandmother used to make a congealed salad called Green Garbage. you woulda loved it!

please do keep crocheting. you are allowed to crochet Other THings too, though i immensely enjoy every variation of Wingfeathers i see. it's my go-to comfort pattern too! though i admit i may be biased...

smocches to you!!!