Friday, February 1, 2013


dress no.2 and Fannie Fouche by odacier
dress no.2 and Fannie Fouche, a photo by odacier on Flickr.
I'm sitting at the entrance of the Hilton in Freeport, Maine, the location of Spa, a knit and spin gathering. I have the bird's eye seat for people watching. Folks parade by decked out in lovely handknits, all smiles, and many with a skip in their step. Everyone seems to know each other, or maybe I'm imagining that part. Funny how yarn brings people together.

Here's a sneak peek at my next Dress + Cardigan couple. I'll be releasing the pattern the week of Valentine's Day.


Kathy said...

So FANTASTIC to meet you in person this weekend, Ellen!! Look forward to seeing you again soon :-)

Mary Lou said...

Looks like another good match up. I may have to break out the sewing machine. And SPA sounded like a good time. Sigh.

Laurie D said...

Love your new sweater, Ellen! I was at Spa, but missed meeting you-- maybe next time?