Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ten Things about me, the High School Version

1.  I knit my first sweater in high school. It was a sweet teal 50's cardigan.  I wish I still had it.
2.  I used to stay after school in the sewing lab just about every day.
3.  Bridget Finnegan used to pass me hilarious notes with full illustration in Mr Stoykovich's Algebra II & Trig class.  Her notes keep coming, and they're even funnier today.
4.  Once a year I get together with my high school girlfriends for a long weekend.  It's a tradition we started about 5 years ago, and we all cherish the event.
5.  My family moved out of district in my sophomore year, but my parents paid tuition so that I could stay enrolled in my same school.  I was a commuter at the age of 16.
6.  I stunk at team sports.  Still do.  Especially if there's a ball involved.
7.  I currently live next door to the home where I lived  in 1982.

8.  Bridget started my love of cartooning.
9.  My second sweater was a bulky garter stitch pullover with a stockinette panel featuring a duplicate stitch deer.  It was my first self-designed sweater.
10.  Apparently I knew where I wanted to be and what I wanted to do from an early age.  It's so good to be here.


craftivore said...

Those are ten very nice things. Happy New Year!! xo

Meg said...

Yet, again, a crazy good cartoon. How fast do you pop these out? Love the photos of your sweaters. Yes, living up the hill for all these years has meant we get to see you more often than other family members too. xx Meg