Thursday, December 1, 2011

New Girl in Town

I don't remember when Dolly moved in - years ago.  My husband brought her home from a junk store.  And she's the best, all cardboard and rusty wing nuts, that darling figure, and a great sense of humor.  She sways back and forth (due to a loose joint at her base) as soon as I point the camera at her.  I should have named her Eileen.  She has been my trusty model for my sweaters and for my ideas.

But alas,  her figure is not quite the same as mine.  I needed the help of another girl, and she went on sale recently.  Meet Penny. 

The girls are modelling my latest pattern obsession, Butterick 6085.   Dolly's shirt is waiting for the right buttons (oddly there were no vintage plastic kelly green buttons in my extensive button collection).  Penny's yellow shirt needs sleeves and side seams, and surely there are no perfect yellow buttons in that drawer.

My first time with this shirt yielded a jumbo collar, even though I trimmed the points and the width.  It might be great on another gal as written, but it makes me self conscious.  "Make way, make way for the average sized woman with the huge collar!"  I find if I crinkle and rumple it up it's acceptable.  I like the fit of the rest of the pattern.

Modifications:  I made the neck opening wider all around, trimming about a half inch from the pattern tissue.  I trimmed the collar way back too, and I added a facing in the back to make it more finished.  I rounded the points on the yellow one, my favorite so far.

The girls are wearing thrifted skirts.  They are merino, and came from the Salvation Army with the pleat tacking still in place.  I'm embarrassed to say they cost $4.50.  For the pair.  I'll be giving generously to the SA this season.  They were a little big for me, so I am taking them in - the light grey one is done and came out slick.  The charcoal one shows how much I'll be taking in (I'll hide the work in the side seam).

Dolly is wearing a half slip refashioned from a thrifted polyester floor length skirt.

I hope these girls will get along.  Wouldn't that be horrible if they didn't?


craftivore said...

I think these girls are already having a cup of tea and gossiping. I love all the sewing going on, seems like once you sew one you can't stop. The yellow shirt with the rounded collar is my fave.

sadie said...

Penny already recognizes that she can learn not only the daily behaviours befitting a dressform, but probably sees that any woman who can survive as cardboard, and still wear such fantastically stylish shirts, skirts and sweaters has a dark and fun side she needs to know NOW.

Mentor and mentee.

( keep watch on your martini mixes, those two are probably all over them)

Patty said...

Glad to see you're recycling old skirts. I recently reworked an old red plaid Talbot's skirt and was quite proud of it until a 3rd grader said I looked like a 15th century lady in it. I'm hoping he meant 50's lady, but my husband suggested the child was probably thinking of Joan of Arc, and I should be burned at the stake.

I may have some old white buttons with kelley green borders. I'll check my stash.

Mary Ellen said...

Wow! I'd love to be a "new girl" in your town if you'd be able to create the yellow blouse for me in shades of pale green!!

I can't imagine anyone living or being in your home and not getting along! Sadie is right, keep an eye on the "happy hour" supplies!!

Meg said...

Ellen, You found one. Remember to keep a look out for me. I have a place waiting for my pink aproned Happy Homemaker.