Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wear your Heart on your Sleeve

I see a trend happening lately that makes my heart sing.  Folks are making garments that truly appeal to them, with motifs that describe who they are, or what they love.  They're playing it unsafe, breaking the rules.  Telling all.  I'm listening.

Click here for a photo of Erin McKean's letters dress.  She loves to write. 

Here is Rachel Antonoff's First in Brass dress.

Kate Davies struck a nostalgic chord with her owls sweater.

Here are some ideas.  Click on the titles below to go to Spoonflower.  See if you ever make it back - it's addictive.

Measuring Cups by Heidi Kenney:

Godzilla by Anne Leukocyte and Gingham by Holli Zollinger:

Grey and Gold Chairs by 1Canoe2:

Ro-Coq-Au-Vin by Cynthia Frenette:

What would you wear on your sleeve?


Thea said...

That's easy -- cocktails :-)

craftivore said...

Cute ideas! I can't seem to get beyond The Owl and the Pussycat. Might be time to wear a new poem. Maybe the Jellicle Cats. (PS. Not a fan of the Broadway show, just T.S. Eliot).