Friday, October 28, 2011

Dreams and Perspective

I'm supposed to be at the Town Hall registering our vehicles, but it seems to me drawing a picture would be way more fun and less expensive, and I have something on my mind that I need want to work out on paper the screen anyway. 

I am in need of some brainless knitting.  I have several pieces of knitting underway, but they are all at the pay-attention-or-you'll-screw-this-up phase of development.  I would like the woolen equivalent of a sweatshirt, but striped.  I have my dyeing procedure all figured out, and a simple raglan in my head.  Whether this project will happen is anyone's guess.

Here is Croquellen in her imaginary dress, inspired by this dress (sorry, the link to this has disappeared):  edit - found the link!

Fabric source here

Here is Croquellen in her dress and new imaginary woolen stripey sweatshirt.

(hideous boots)

Here is Croquellen as you might see her from your perspective, as you are likely four inches taller than she.

Here is Croquellen as you might see her from the seated position; you are in a bean bag chair.

Better go register the vehicles.


Elizabeth GM said...

As someone who is at least 4" taller than you, I have to say you look nothing like that second image. You have way more facial features and not nearly the squattiness - even from that angle. Also, I think it's fabulous that you have seven league boots. I may have had too much Halloween candy.

Ali said...

I LOVE THESE! So incredibly fun and useful! I particularly like what you've done with color and pattern. :)