Monday, October 24, 2011

Pompoms All Around

On the knitting/crochet front:  a finished cowl adorned with multicolor felted pompoms from Darn Good Yarn.  Pompom fringe speaks to me.  Hollers my name.  The knitting was done on my old Singer 360 knitting machine.  I would like to relearn all the ins and outs of the ole girl.

Also, a pair of Fried Chicken Mittens done from the top down.  I wanted to see if it could be done.  It can.  Then I ripped them out and made a cowl for my daughter because she's been cold.  Imagine if you will (because there is no photo) a lovely angora cowl with a ripple edge at the top.

 At home, my boys have finished their go cart and can be found screaming down our (muddy) wood roads.  The speed, adrenaline, and laundry have all increased around here.

Not at home, we are looking at colleges again for our high school senior.  I am a sucker for a beautiful campus.

University of New Brunswick, Fredericton

And in the spirit of following one's heart, a dear friend has recently purchased his own race car.  I spent yesterday in the pits, and then at the top of the stands.  During the caution laps he was able to spot us and wave.

I hope you are able to follow your heart's desire this week.  I am a lucky gal.


Brendaknits said...

I love the cowl. And what a good way to re-familiarize yourself with your knitting machine. I have an LK150 and I certaialy need to re-acquaint myself with it too.

Elizabeth GM said...

So much to revel in here, starting with you in a race car! And I love the pom pom cowl. How do you like you knitting machine and what would you recommend it for?

Ellen Mason said...

How do I like my machine? I have lots to relearn, and I've never used any other machine ... but I have dreams of knitting some Fair Isle pieces. I think it would be great for colorwork with home dyed yarns.

craftivore said...

That cowl is so much fun! Go karts, fun, race cars, fun, top down mittens, fun, lots o fun to be had. Missed you at Rhinebeck but it sounds like you have lots of fun things going on at home.