Thursday, September 29, 2011

Knit Photography

Gale Zucker and Joan Tapper have a new book out called Craft Activism.  Their book is about promoting a more meaningful DIY lifestyle, featuring some inspiring crafters and projects.  I had the pleasure of a class taught by Gale at Fiber College, and while I was there I got a sneak peek at her book.  It's super.

Photos are of me at Fiber College, modeling my 'Sue' sweater, courtesy of my girlfriend Suzanne (puppylove on Ravelry).  Gale taught us about light and shadows, depth of field, and tons more.  As you can see, Suzanne was a quick learner.

My pal Elizabeth over at Dark Matter Knits has some other great photography resources as well.  I'm coming to the conclusion that there are some spectacular photographers out there - I think I would like to just have them shoot my work.


Elizabeth GM said...

Lovely photos! The first one especially is one of those great "it's not a sweater, it's a lifestyle" shots.

I was just thinking today about how there are certain parts of the creative process in knitting that I'd rather leave to someone else. For me, the main one is technical editing. I mean, no one should tech edit their own patterns, but I don't want to tech edit anyone else's either. I love math and puzzles, but somehow the whole idea of having to make sure all the Tetris pieces of a pattern fit completely freaks me out.

craftivore said...

I love Gale and knit a couple of the mittens on the cover of Craft Activism. I also love her photography and would love for mine to look more like hers. Hopefully one day I'll get to take one of her workshops. I've got a new camera this year and a new lens and I'm hoping that the whole idea of aperture, ISO, etc. will someday stop sounding like a foreign language and make sense. Meanwhile there's a whole lot you can do with a point a shoot just with framing, good light, and paying attention to what's in the background.

Love the photos!

Alice Seeger said...

HI Ellen!! Just stopping by say how much fun I had at Fiber College! If you're ever in Rhinebeck you have an "open door" invitation to Woodland Ridge!