Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fiber College 2011

 I'm home from Fiber College with lots to share, more than I can fit in one post.

I made this little cut out at my campsite at Fiber College.  I drove the 175 miles to Searsport in my family's 37 foot motorhome all by myself.  I'm pretty keen on myself right now.

This is where I was sitting while I made this little cut out at my campsite at Fiber College.  Yep. 

This is the class I taught at Fiber College.  We were working with our tricked out ball winders, winding yarn from recycled sweaters.
I have added a small cup hook to the top of each winder so that it can be used like a drop spindle.  Unthread the yarn from the eye, loop it onto the cup hook, hold two or more yarns at arm's length and crank the handle until the resulting plied yarn has the desired amount of twist.  Remove the loop from the cup hook, rethread it through the eye and wind it onto the ball winder in the usual fashion.  Repeat, many times. Many thanks to Knit Picks for donating two ball winders to our class.  Your generosity is kindly appreciated.

When I pulled into Searsport Shores Ocean Campground on Wednesday afternoon, Astrig and Steve were out on the porch waving and beaming.  And it just got better from there.  More to come ...


craftivore said...

Sounds like a rip roarin yarny good time. Love that you arrived with your own home, turtle style.

Anonymous said...

Oh what fun we had...I'm just catching my breath and preparing a survey...but the shouts from your students has already been loud and clear...they LOVED you!