Thursday, January 26, 2012

Get Out

I think my office chair is trying to tell me something.  It is stuck in this position. 

Anyone got a good read on what it's saying?  (I have learned through the years that I often misinterpret body language.)


craftivore said...

ROTHFL! You're too funny.

magnusmog said...

Have you been spending a lot of time thinking sideways? Maybe that's the problem!

Ellen Mason said...

You should see me sitting in it. And the sad truth is, I know I'll tolerate it for an unreasonable spell of time. That's how I roll.

sadie said...

there are no words for that image.

And the fact you still USE IT.
My mom has been using salad tongs with no handles for years. She said when she gets new ones ( we all buy them for her) they just look 'wrong' and she goes back to the old ones.
I hit a garage door head on with my bike, and bent the frame. I learned to ride at a 40 degree angle with no hands, but ever since, try and lean way over on my bike hands free and fall.

just a thought....get training wheels when you get a new chair.