Friday, March 6, 2015

Shearing at Riverbank Farm, part 2

Riverbank Farm has animals that one might expect to find on a small New England farm: Handsome cattle, large geese, a lovely flock of Cheviot and Clun Forest sheep, llamas of many colors, ducks, pygmy goats, and guinea hens. Helping to make the machine run smoothly are a team of prize winning herd dogs, obedient and charming hard workers. Good dogs.

What makes this farm unusual is the cast of characters added to the regulars, the ill-behaved, overly curious, warm welcoming staff. My Brother-in-Law is a veterinarian and seems to have found a steady stream of misfits. Dogs that are returned to the shelter. Dogs that are passed off as payment for money owed. Cats that pee "inappropriately". Stowaway cats that are discovered in the car three miles down the road (how did you get in here? -- turn around, return to barn). Roosters. Geese that are protective of their human. Geese that knock on the door. 

Dennis the Menace is busy, fearless and outgoing

the Supervisors

the Critics
Wishing you a grand weekend and the strength to power through the time change.


Mary Lou said...

I'll look at my (your) yarn in a new way now. And check for stowaways.

Jennifer Crandall said...

Thank you so much for this virtual field trip through your brother-in-law's farm. It looks like a wonderful place.