Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Shearing at Riverbank Farm, part 1

Shearing and lambing are in season at Riverbank Farm, my Brother-in-Law's Homestead. 

find the rooster
The sheep are corralled in the main area of the barn.

find the llama

The dark faced gals are Clun Forest, and the white faced gals are Cheviot. There are about a dozen of each, as well as several black sheep and rams.

Levi selects a group to move into a holding pen in the shearing area.

The sheep hoped Clara might have a better option than going into the holding pen.

Here they wait. 

Sam selects a sheep and flips it onto its rump for shearing.

Pauline coos and supports them as she gently shears them, never moving suddenly and seeming to know who needs extra hoof holding. I want to be Pauline when I grow up, minus the shearing.

This gal is due to lamb any day now.

If you have ever purchased my yarn or if you were curious about my source, this is where it begins!

Part 2 will be about a few of the other animals on the farm, like the supervisory roosters, Waldorf and Statler.

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Teri said...

I love pretty much everything about sheep. Never had them though. When I had goats, I had a hen that would nest in the hay rack. She'd raise the chicks and at some point, she'd insist that they jump down to the ground.