Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Stitcher's Wardrobe: My Rhinebeck Shirt

Two weeks ago, while everyone else was deliriously stitching on their Rhinebeck sweaters at the eleventh hour, I was stitching on two new smocks to wear at the NY Sheep and Wool Festival. This is my Saturday smock. The hexagons were stitched this summer (have you tried hexagons? pretty relaxing).

See the giraffes? A scrap from the first pattern I ever sewed, a smock. More sentimental pieces coming soon -- we have been cleaning the barn, where my parents stored every finished (and abandoned) project my siblings and I ever made.

After forty something years of sewing I am still learning -- this tape was not cut on the bias and created some challenges. But I still LOVE this shirt.

Amy and Thea
Thea and Amy and I arrived on Thursday and kicked back in a beautiful little rental house. On Friday we roamed town as the rest of our housemates trickled in.

I drank all the dark brown liquids, always my favorite.

At the fair on Saturday there were white sheep,
and black sheep,
and llamas too.
Ellen and Beatrice

There was a grey sheep named Brutus 
who was helpful with the phone,

first-rate at hugs,

generous with kisses,

and clever at dirty jokes.

On Sunday there was a blue ribbon jumping goat and his Nun,
and a leaping llama competition.

I came home with fond memories of time spent with some of my favorite people on earth, a few coveted skeins of yarn, three boxes of biscotti, and enough knitter's mojo to cruise through three knitted hats and half a crocheted shawl in the last ten days.  Yes, I am crocheting and it is keeping me up at night. 

Tomorrow I will share the other smock and my little knitting nest, which was improved this week.


gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Perfect post, other than making me quite jelly that I wasn't at the table with you and Amy & Thea. Love the hexagons! The size/shape makes them embellishments instead of 70's patchwork style. Not that there's anything wrong with the :-).

Kim said...

Brutus was the most affectionate sheep I've ever met. I love him!

jani said...

hexi perfection! evokes warm memories of our summer hexi conversation. deeply regretting my rhinebeck decision, sigh, next year. so glad you all had such a lovely time & perfect weather.