Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Stitcher's Wardrobe: A Midnight Smock

On Wednesday night before leaving for Rhinebeck I attempted to sew two smocks. I had been coveting this fabric from Clementine since summer.

Success, except for one late night error (early morning, actually): I sewed the lower front to the upper back, and the lower back to the upper front. What this means is I now have a completely reversible shirt. HA!

See the chain stitching on the inside? All that stitching and cutting happens in one pass on my Siruba machine -- the chain stitch, the overlock, and the trimming.  And it goes lickity split.

My new knitting spot:

My computer is in a small pass through room located next to our television room. I painted the walls in the spring and rearranged some furniture in an effort to make it an inviting work space.

I had placed a small wooden cot in the corner for a sunny knitting spot and overflow company. Have you ever tried to knit on a cot? In a corner?

Three days ago I dragged this chair up from the basement studio and I have been firmly planted in it since. The cot is in the barn, traded for this steamer basket, which holds my yarn.

Thank you chair, basket and old light, for encouraging me to stitch up a storm.


jani said...

lovely, a perfect cozy knitting/crocheting studio, especially the cloud/star watching skylights.

Beverly said...

Love your new set up!

Maureen Clark said...

Looks like a lovely spot!!

Mary Lou said...

Jealous! That lamp matches one in my grandma's house.

Tobie said...

I have 2 steamer trunks much like yours. One is large and the other small. My small one says Paxton. My mom bought these at a Goodwill in the 6os. I keep spinning fiber and yarn in mine also.