Thursday, September 11, 2014

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

Another Fiber College has come and gone.  Per usual I have come home with not enough photos. I waffle between capturing the moment in pixels and experiencing the moment fully, like a big bite of delicious food. 

On Friday I met with thirteen brave knitters to explore how variegated yarn behaves. We played with stitch patterns and discussed the superpowers and pitfalls of this challenging yarn. I am stunned at what I come away with in teaching. Knitters are lovely people that are not afraid to communicate joy, enthusiasm, and good ideas. 

photo courtesy Sandy Cohen of Sandolini Buckwheat Crackers

On Saturday and Sunday I played Dyetender at the Dye Tent. We jammed wool and silk and dyes into Mason Jars and then steamed them like pickles. 

I ate lobster, lounged on the beach, woke up to lapping waves, and laughed deliriously with (and at) dear dear friends. Link here to reflections from Gale Zucker and Mary Lou Egan. Keep an eye on Kirsten Kapur, Jani Estell, Beverly Army Williams and Cal Patch as well -- they motivated each other to blog more.

I encourage you to peek at the Fiber College page on facebook as well as Astrig Tanguay's page-- there you will find videos and photos from many folks that better describe the whole event. The Missus of Gee's Bend bathed the week with heartfelt song and the true spirit of Make.

On a personal note, I am in the midst of having cataracts removed. My left eye was fixed yesterday, and my right eye will be fixed next week. In the meantime, I have bionic vision in my newly corrected eye, and super myopic and astigmatic vision in my right eye -- I'm an overachiever in crappy vision. I have resigned myself to having a dicey week. Also, I was the only gal asked to take a pregnancy test before surgery. I am feeling youthful and fortunate.


gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

wishing you a speedy recovery, I am snorting over the overacheiving bad vision. What a weeknd that was! Too fast too short.

Sue Hardy said...

With your golden filters removed I wonder what will happen to your color palette.

Kathy said...

Wishing you an easy and full recovery!!

Mary Lou said...

I almost snorted tea on my keyboard when I read about the pregnancy test. Happy healing. My brother hardly needs glasses since he got his fixed. So fun to see you, and when we meet again you can see me better!

Beverly said...

Gah! Hope your eyes heal quickly! Thanks for being such a terrific cottage-mate and dyetender! xxx

Ellen Mason said...

Thanks for the well wishes all -- mending beautifully. The hardest part has been the disparity in vision. I have a hanky covering my uncorrected eye. I look like a Monty Python character. Tomorrow I'm going to arrive for second surgery bellowing, "let's do this thing!"

Manise said...

Hope all went well today. Speedy recovery to you! My artist mother, when she had hers done, she was flabbergasted at how much of the color blue she had been missing for so many years. Enjoy your new "view". :-)